Isaiah 11:6 specializes in raising healthy, happy, disease free goats. We tested annually for CAE and Johnes, and none of our goats has ever had a CL abcess. In 2012, we tested negative for CAE, CL, Johnes and Brucellosis. In 2013 we only tested for CAE. In 2015 all goats were tested for Johnes and all of them are negative. In late 2016 all tested negative for CAE and Johnes. Any goats we buy are from tested negative herds. All of the goats are raised as naturally as possible. They have access to pasture during the day as well as plentiful hay in the barn. We do not vaccinate. We use herbal wormer, herbal minerals, and if they get sick we treat them with herbs. We love our goats, and hope that you enjoy looking at them on the web or on our farm.



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